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We grow and sell 3 types of mats:  Ultralite, Ultrabrite Colour, and Hardy Green. Our mats are light weight, easier to install, and weed resistant.                                                                                                                                

Available in three standard mixes: Ultralite, Ultrabrite Colour, and Hardy Green.  Ability to customize on demand. Packed and stored in cool room  immediately after cutting. Delivered fresh to your doorstep in perfect health.

We offer a  complete, standardized green roof system comprised of patented vegetated mats, growing substrate, and third party filter, drainage, and root barrier layers . Specifications available upon request.



We are one of the very few in the North American green roof industry with a sustainable large scale growing facility. Our green roof systems are the most environmentally sustainable green roofs available. Our production facility and farm is located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, where we prioritize sustainable agricultural practices. We work with our clients to design a complete pre-vegetated system that best suits their desires including color, types of species, soil, and non-vegetated zones. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a visit to our farm. 



50lbs is the average weight of a 100 sq.ft. pre-vegetated mat which is light enough for one person to lift


decreased shipping and labour costs

cost effective

significantly higher shipping densities

6x more sq.ft. of mats can be shipped on a truck than conventional pre-vegetated mats


in 8-10 weeks, a pre-vegetated mat can be grown to nearly full maturity

4-5 more harvests per year than conventional pre-vegetated mat growers

weed resistance

carrier layer acts as a weed suppression barrier, reducing the number of weeds able to take root




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